Omni Channel Banking Solution

Eurisko Omni Channel Banking Solution

Digital technology is evolving rapidly … and consumers are adopting to new technology at record levels. The industry has experienced double- to triple-digit growth in mobile banking users over the last several years. The result is explosive growth of a hyper-connected customer base, connecting to their financial institutions through multiple channels and devices. Moreover, the rise in adoption of smartphones, wearable devices and soon virtual reality headsets made it crucial to start looking at an innovative Omni Channel system. Eurisko Omni Channel Banking Solution provide end-to-end, process-led orchestration by extending core banking functionalities to leverage different customer experience across multiple channels:

• Responsive Internet Banking focused on best User experience
• Native Mobile apps for iOS and android smartphones and tablets
• Wearable devices and Innovation technology (Smart Watches, Virtual Reality)
• Apple TV

We focus on User Experience

Omni Channel Banking Solution User Experience

Our Omni Channel Banking Solution focuses on delivering a new level of user experience by integrating the following aspects:

• Showing information that matters to the user instead of showing raw data: most digital banking solutions display data statements of accounts, expenses etc… The only variations revolve around design and layout. Our solution aims to take user experience to the next level by displaying decision-support information and intelligent indicators that help customers in understanding instead of just reading. Per example, instead of listing accounts, it would be helpful to show overall account status, variation over time, distribution of expenses by category…
• Minimizing input and maximizing output: our UX experts adopted latest guidelines by Apple, Google and other major players in order to ensure an optimal experience where end-users view as much information as possible using minimal actions
• Delivering a fully customizable self-serve interface: our solution ensures customers are able to personalize their banking experience by customizing the user interface’s layout, selecting their favorite channels, turning on and off features/sections and having a complete synchronized user experience across all digital banking channels

Clear modern design

Digital banking is one of the most challenging industries when it comes to designing a clear user-friendly interface. Given the pure financial aspect and the high amount of data to be displayed, over-sophisticating the digital UI is a highly common pitfall. Our Omni Channel Banking solution aims to optimize the user interface by:
• Adopting a clear flat design with clear navigation and action buttons
• Focusing on interactive UI elements that show multiple levels of information in the same layout (drill-down charts, slide-in overlays, advanced mobile gestures such as swipe, pinch and 3D touch)
• Crafting a multi-channel design that takes into consideration the specific look-and-feel Best Practices of smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, Virtual Reality headsets, Smart TVs etc.…

Secure & Hack-proof

Eurisko Omni Channel Banking Solution Security
Security is one of the most indispensable features of Omni Channel banking. Our multi-level security process ensures a high level of protection against all types of attacks including:
• Man-in-the-Middle attacks
• Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks
• Code decompiling & Reverse engineering
• DNS amplification attacks, SMURF attacks, Layer 3/4 attacks and many others

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