Author: emadmin

Municipality of Bsharri is Lebanon’s first fully interactive mobile app for citizens.

It allows locals, expatriates, visitors and tourists to:
– Send reports & complaints (public heath & safety, streets & sidewalks, vehicles & parking, lost & found etc..)
– Check latest news and receive real-time push notifications

Registered users can also:
– Fill and submit municipal forms for a wide variety of municipal services such as:
* Municipal clearance request
* Application for lease registration
* Interception on municipal fees
* Request occupancy license (housing)
* Installment request for municipal fees
* Statement of occupancy
* Vacancy statement
* Property transfer declaration
* Statement of contents, and many more
– Follow-up using live chat
– Check due bills & fees
– Suggest projects & ideas

The main purpose of our pioneering app is to enhance communication between citizens and their municipality, provide full interactivity and instant follow-up.

The app is available for FREE on App Store and Google Play.

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